Keegan Bradley - Charity Golf Classic

The Keegan Bradley 2014 Charity Golf Classic was held at the Woodstock Inn & Resort on August 25. Proceeds from the event benefited the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation in its support of the Vermont Cancer Center and Vermont Children's Hospital to fund life saving research for children battling cancer.


  • 1st Integrated Insights Consulting

    • John Addorio
    • Ron Addorio
    • Scott Fabisak
    • Duke Fontaine
  • 2nd Union Mutual of Vermont

    • Ken Geider
    • Doug Hawley
    • Michael Walsh
    • Jon Lussier
  • 3rd Team Bradley

    • Mark Bradley
    • Pat Bradley
    • John Bradley
    • Chris Bradley
  • Closest to the Pin:
    Steve Dimitriou

    Longest Drive:
    Chris Mezzoni

    Straightest Drive:
    Dog Williamson